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    If you are looking for cheap auto insurance in Lakewood Colorado, then there are a few things you should know. There are many things you will want to think about with vehicle insurance. You want to know the factors that can affect the cost of insurance in Lakewood to help you get the best price with Coloradoautoinsurancequotes.org. Just use the quote generator on this page to find great rates!

    Average Lakewood Auto Insurance Quotes

    The average cost for Lakewood automobile insurance is $1,461. Though this number is a few dollars more than the average for the county, the average price for the state of Colorado is $1,640, which is significantly higher. While this is lower than the national average, there are many factors that go into this.

    Factors that Determine Auto Insurance in Lakewood, CO

    There are many factors that will be taken into consideration when it comes to giving you a quote for automobile insurance. Gender is one area that will matter, especially when combined with age, as a teenage male driver is statistically more likely to get into an accident than a 30 year old woman. Credit score is also a necessary component to this process, just as the occupation of those on the policy. The type of car you drive can also impact the quote, as sport models and SUVs tend to be a higher risk. There are a few other factors to look at here.

    • Location– Where you live will also play into the amount you pay for insurance. This is because densely populated areas tend to have higher than average vehicle insurance rates. Jefferson County has a total population of approximately 142,000. With this, the population density of the Lakewood is 3,438 people per square mile
    • Driving to work– There are a few factors that come into play when looking at your drive to and from work. One is the time when you travel to work. If it is during rush hour, when there are more cars on the road, then this may increase your cost. On the same note, driving during non-peak hours may even yield you a discount. The other thing to be aware of here is that the distance you drive to work will also matter, as longer drives mean more chances for accidents.
    • Auto Thefts– the crime rate for auto thefts will also play a big part in your car insurance rate as higher numbers mean higher risk for the company. Lakewood had 373.2 auto thefts per 100,000, which is higher than the national average of 239 per 100,000.
    • Education– This is another big factor when it comes to the cost of your Lakewood Automotive Insurance. The more education you have, the lower your insurance will be. In Lakewood, approximately 10.7% of drivers do not even have a high school diploma, whereas approximately 32.9% of drivers have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

    If you want to get a lower rate on automobile insurance in Lakewood, Colorado, then you need to visit Coloradoautoinsurancequotes.org. This is a site that compares different insurance quotes for you, simply by entering a few details about yourself.

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