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    Average Fort Collins Auto Insurance Quotes — Save Hundreds of Dollars Annually

    Most drivers in Fort Collins pay around $1,063 for their automobile insurance. In a sense, the residents are lucky because this is 6.28% lower than the average price for Larimer County and 35% below the Colorado average. However, this could definitely be lowered further.

    Insurance Factors — What Affects the Price of Auto Insurance in Fort Collins, Colorado?

    Insurance in Fort Collins Colorado is dependent on a lot of factors. Providers calculate their rates depending on things that an individual has some control over, like vehicle color and defensive driving training, as well as others that are not quite as flexible, like the applicant’s age and credit score. Some of the other things they consider are:

    • Location — A person’s place of residence is also factored in and those who live in the big cities tend to pay more for automotive insurance than average. It is based on the assumption that bigger populations equate to bigger car volume on the roads and, hence, a higher chance of collisions. Fort Collins is a college town which is home to over 143,986 people. This makes it the 4th largest city in Colorado in terms of residents. Its population density translates into 2,549 per square mile — fairly high as Colorado has only 49 persons per mile on average.
    • Driving to Work — Daily commutes take their toll on both the body and the pocket. Insurance providers impose higher rates on workers that drive during the morning and evening rush hours due to the likelihood of accidents during those times. On the flipside, those following a different schedule and commute off-peak can be eligible for rate cuts. Average commutes in Fort Collins tend to last 18.5 minutes while fatal accidents per 100,000 people in 2009 was at 8, more than the Colorado state average of 6.
    • Education — Even something that seems totally unrelated like education is actually included in automobile insurance evaluation. Those in possession of a college degree or in the process of getting one can pat themselves on the back as they are entitled to discounts. The great thing about Fort Collins being a college town is that it has fairly high educational attainment rates with 16% possessing a high school diploma and 30% having a college degree, compared to 23% and 21% respectively for the whole of Colorado.
    • Auto Thefts – The higher your vehicle’s risk for auto theft, the more you will have to pay your insurance company to balance out this unfortunate risk. Buying an alarm system or purchasing a vehicle which is unattractive to thieves can reduce your risk, and your rates. In Fort Collins, there were only 210 auto thefts during the entire year of 2010.

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