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    Insurance is a legal requirement and a benefit to drivers everywhere. There are many companies offering cheap auto insurance in Colorado Springs, CO, but everyone can find a policy for their needs at Coloradoautoinsurancequotes.org. Within minutes drivers will have the coverage they need at the best rates available.

    Average Colorado Auto Insurance Quotes

    The average cost for car insurance in Colorado Springs Colorado varies depending on the driver. Average premiums in Colorado range from $125 to $148 dollars a month, which is slightly lower than the national average of $130 to $152 dollars a month. Safe drivers with a good driving record can expect to save on their monthly or annual insurance costs, but there are several other factors affecting insurance costs as well.

    Factors Affecting Your Insurance Premiums

    Besides a safe driving record, a person’s credit score, age, gender, car make and model can all affect the final quote. Faster cars, occupational hazards and a history of accidents and tickets generally raise the automotive insurance quote. Hazardous conditions of any kind add to automotive insurance policy costs, including living in a densely populated area. It is more expensive to have a car insured in certain zip codes. The zip codes and populations of the following cities are known to have higher insurance rates.

    • Location: Depending on where you live, the population density of your immediate area could have a big impact on your automotive insurance rates. Rural areas tend to have fewer drivers at any given time, reducing the risk of an accident. In Colorado Springs, there are 416,427 residents in Colorado Springs, and the city has a low population density of 2,242 inhabitants per square mile.
    • Commuting to Work: The average time spent driving and the time of day a person commutes can affect their auto policy quote. Insurance companies include this as a factor because the more time spent driving to work, the greater the risk of getting in an accident. In Colorado Springs, CO, the average work commute time is between 11 and 41 minutes depending on what zip code a person lives in. Most Colorado Springs residents spend about 22 minutes driving one way to work. With all the data calculated, the average number of fatal accidents per 100,000 is 13.73.
    • Auto Thefts: High auto theft statistics increase vehicle insurance rates as well. Typically, densely populated cities have higher auto theft rates. However, purchasing anti-theft devices will lower the risk and may also lower the policy rate. Certain car makes/models are stolen more than others, and owning one can increase the policy rate. In recent statistics for Colorado Springs, the average number of auto thefts per 100,000 people was 113.
    • Education: Educated drivers are statistically less likely to receive tickets and get in accidents. As a result, their auto policies cost less. The education level of Colorado Springs residents is higher than the national average. Over 33% of residents have a bachelor’s degree.

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