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    If you live in Aurora, Colorado, you need to take time out of your day to find affordable vehicle insurance.  Finding cheap auto insurance in Aurora, CO has never been easier.  Drivers can now use the Internet, request Aurora automobile insurance quotes from the comfort of their own home, and perform their own comparison in their office.  But before you buy your automotive insurance in Aurora Colorado, you need to take time to understand just how much other drivers in the area pay and how your policy will be rated.  Find out how your rates are determined by reading on, and find a way to save money without sacrificing your protection with coloradoautoinsurancequotes.org!

    Comparing Average Aurora Auto Insurance Quotes With Actual Figures

    You cannot truly know if you are paying too much for your Aurora automobile insurance until you take time to see what other drivers are paying in your area.  Only after you research the average premiums can you determine whether or not you should start shopping around for your automotive insurance.  The average premium for car insurance throughout the state of Colorado is $1639 per year.  From last year, this average is up 3 percent.  In Aurora, that average premiums are very close to the state average, at $1644 per year.  This is about 3 percent higher than the average premium reported in Adams County.

    The Factors Insurers Use When Calculating the Rates for Auto Insurance in Aurora, CO

    You might wonder just what insurance companies consider when they calculate your Aurora vehicle insurance rates.  After all, the insurer asks you so many questions that these questions must be relevant in some way or another.  Surprisingly to most, Colorado auto insurers use dozens of different factors before determining the appropriate premiums to charge policyholders.  All of these factors help the insurer determine how risky it will be to cover the driver and the other drivers in the household.  The riskier the driver is, the more their premiums will be.  Some of the many factors considered include: gender, age, driving experience, accident history, driving record, occupation, credit score, and vehicle.  Here are some of the factors considered and how they can affect your rates:

    • Location – You might wonder why your insurance agent asks you if your vehicle is parked in the same zip code where you receive mail.  This is a relevant question because you can be charged higher premiums based on the zip code where your vehicle is parked.  If you live in an area with high populations or a high rate of claims, you may be charged higher premiums.  With a population of 325,078 and a population density of 2,281 people per square mile, premiums in most zip codes tend to be low throughout Aurora based on risk.
    • Driving to Work – Another factor that is considered is your commute.  If you commute to work during peak hours, you are likely going to pay higher premiums than those who drive for pleasure or drive during off-peak hours.  In Aurora, the average driver spends 30 minutes traveling to work by car.  There are approximately 5 fatal accidents per 100,000 persons in Aurora.
    • Auto Thefts – If you live in an area where rates of auto thefts are high, these statistics will affect your automobile insurance rates.  In larger cities, comprehensive coverage premiums are higher because the risk of auto theft and vandalism is higher.  In Aurora, there were 888 car thefts for every 100,000 people in the city.  Compared to previous data, the numbers have dramatically decreased which translates into lower rates.
    • Education – Your level of education is another factor that can either help you or hinder you when you are trying to save money on your Aurora motor vehicle insurance.  Studies show that individuals with a Bachelor’s degree tend to be more responsible drivers than those without one.  Educational Attainment statistics in Aurora show that about 25 percent of drivers have a high school diploma and 17 percent of drivers have a Bachelor’s degree.  While the city surpasses the state in drivers with a high school diploma, they are far behind the state average of 21 percent for drivers with a Bachelor’s degree.

    Now that you understand how your insurance is rated, it is time to save money on your insurance.  By simply entering your information in the fields below, you can retrieve a quote in a matter of minutes and find lower rates today.  Coloradoautoinsurancequotes.org is your key to saving money off of your Aurora automobile insurance.

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